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Contesting a Will NSW Costs

Before you contest a will there are two important costs considerations.

The first consideration is the legal costs of the lawyer representing you in the proceedings. The Contested Estates Division conduct a no obligation assessment of all contested wills enquiries made online, by telephone or in person at no cost. The assessment is conducted by senior contested estates lawyers who provide honest advice as to whether there are grounds to successfully contest the will.

Following the assessment clients are provided with the assessment of the case along with a report as to whether the senior lawyers at the Contested Estates Division will accept the case on a no-win no-fee arrangement. For approved applicants there is nothing to pay unless a successful outcome is obtained, in accordance with the terms of the costs agreement.

The second consideration for costs of contesting a will in NSW is the costs implications of commencing and running an unsuccessful claim before the Courts. It is usual for the Court to order that the unsuccessful party pays the successful party's legal costs, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

It is for this reason that our lawyers take their obligations to advise clients considering to contest a will seriously and is why you should ensure that a proper assessment of your case is conducted by senior lawyers, with the experience of conducting cases of your kind,
before you launch into legal proceedings.

The Contested Estates Division is staffed by experienced contested wills and estates lawyers who assess all enquiries on a no obligation basis. The assessment is free and can be conducted online, via telephone or in person at one of our many offices throughout Sydney.

We are very confident you will be happy with your decision to engage our Contested Estates Division to represent you. 

Click here to start the online assessment to receive a no obligation assessment of your case by an experienced lawyer from our contested estates division, at no cost. 

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