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Left out of a Will

If you have been left out of a Will you may or may not be entitled to a share of the estate. The first step in determining whether you are entitled to challenge the Will or estate is to determine whether you meet the test of an ‘Eligible Person’. Details of the categories of eligible persons can be found here.

Often a previous Will is an important piece of evidence as to whether a Court should make an order for provision from the estate and this is especially so if you fall into the following categories of eligible persons:

- Ex-Husband or Ex-Wife

- Dependent Grandchildren

- Member of the Household

- Close Personal Relationship

It is also common for people to die without leaving a Will, for Wills to be changed at the last minute and for Wills to be made many years prior to the death of the Will maker with the result that the Will does not benefit those which it ought to have, given all of the circumstances.

We are experienced in providing advice to people who have been left out of a Will. If you would like to know whether you have a case you can complete an online assessment by clicking here to receive a no obligation assessment of your circumstances by an experienced estates lawyer, at no cost.

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